About Us

PjT is a nonprofit organization that was created to help decrease global energy poverty and improve the quality of life for families currently living under such conditions. Our community of supporters are from various backgrounds with one main goal: to decrease inaccessibility and increase sustainability. 

Our Mission

Provide sustainable and renewable energy solutions for communities around the world with limited access to clean energy.

our vision

A world with access to clean energy. This includes PjT launching solar power endeavors in various fields such as agriculture, education, medical and public establishments.

No matter which country you’re in, the cost of clean energy now is cheaper than the cost of climate change later.
— Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

how it works

We fundraise to donate solar panels, batteries, and related accessories to emerging communities currently living with limited to no access to electricity. PjT works with local renewable energy companies to provide on the ground support to assemble and implement devices, and train local citizens to operate and maintain such technology without the need for ongoing non-local assistance.

Launching with household products, PjT is furthering solar power initiatives into a variety of larger fields including solar panel education, health care, fashion, agricultural, and public establishments. Learn about our new project announcement by signing up to our newsletter below!