The first initiative of Project Tsehigh is to equip 100 households in the town of Maaya, Eritrea, with SOLAR ENERGY. solar panelCurrently, to generate electricity and power, the people of Maaya resort to candles, gas, and other conventional energy sources— most of which are difficult to sustain due to price and availability of resources. With the PjT initiative, each household will receive a 10W solar panel, battery, and three light bulbs. This solar package has the ability to light homes, charge small appliances, and create a sustainable source of energy for an entire family.

The Plan

Commencing in the country of Eritrea, Project Tsehigh plans to: donate solar panels, batteries, and related accessories to communities throughout Eritrea, provide on the ground support to assemble and implement such technology, and train local citizens to operate and maintain such technology without the need for ongoing non-local assistance.

Launching with household products, PjT hopes to spread solar power endeavors into a variety of larger fields including Solar PanelAgriculture, Education, Medical, and Public Establishments. Through a proposed partnership with HEBCOSS, a solar energy company based in Eritrea, PjT will supply the solar products necessary to achieve our objective.

With approximately 70% of Eritrea off the electrical grid, there is plenty of room for improvement in the quality of life for the people of the country. Thus, the goal of PjT is to connect all regions of Eritrea with access to sustainable electricity.

How It Works