About Us

The lack of access to modern energy services is known as energy poverty. PjT is a nonprofit organization that was created to help decrease global energy poverty and improve the quality of life for families currently living under such conditions. Our community of supporters derive from various backgrounds with one main goal: to decrease inaccessibility and increase sustainability.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of Project Tsehigh is to provide sustainable and renewable energy solutions for communities around the world with limited access to clean energy.


Our Vision

The vision of Project Tsehigh is a world with clean energy accessible to all.


The Team



    Founder & Executive Director

    Grace Mahary, Eritrean-Canadian international model, frequented Eritrea on several occasions in the past few years. The amount of citizens living in the the country without electricity moved and inspired her to make a change. Over the last four years, she has been researching renewable energy solutions, especially for countries lacking electrical and mechanical infrastructure. Drawing from her global network, Grace drafted a team who is now creating tangible clean energy solutions for communities around the world.



    Chief Financial Officer & Board Member

    Eden Ghebresellassie, Chief Finance Officer, is a highly successful multilingual and multi-media marketer, with proven track record of leadership and team collaboration. Driving results across digital & traditional platforms applicable both in the domestic and global business. Solution-oriented with high propensity to ideate, develop, and implement turnkey and custom sponsorship offerings for company’s highest national and international stakeholders. Eden’s background attributes to fundraising, business development and partnership strategy with experience working with social impact organizations, including HelpUSA, Harlem Routes, and the United Nations (UNDP) in addition to grand ESPN events such as The ESPYS and X-Games.



    Chief Technology Officer & Board Member

    Isack Abraham, Chief Technology Officer, is an electrical engineer with expertise in developing ethernet, mobile, and GPS grids. Isack has been stationed on several projects in countries throughout the world, including Germany, Russia, Congo, Switzerland, Namibia, and Spain. Isack guides Project Tsehigh with his expertise in technology. He speaks German, English, Tigrinya & Amharic fluently, Italian and Russian intermediately.